Codeholics is currently undergoing redevelopment

Devel - We had to leave our old hosting provider "Webhostingpad" due to their system stability and service quality. Our new host has better hardware, bandwidth, security, and a stronger commitment to taking care of their customers.

We initially went offline due to a technical issue on webhostingpads side after they moved our domain to another server. We tried to work with their support staff for weeks which they kept telling us it was something that was not part of the problem. After weeks of downtime and lack of the support staff responding or following up was so nerve racking to the point we closed our account with them after being a customer for well over 10 years.

We then tried to restore the site but was unsuccessful due to plugins messing up our database tables to the point of no recovery. We're currently exercising our very last DR plan, however, this process will take a while. Please make sure to stop by and check in time to time or follow us on facebook for the new site launch. While we're working on the rebuild you're welcome to look around, just know your experience may not be optimal.

Thank you,