Mycroft Personal Assistant Setup Part 2


If you have followed the part 1 of this Mycroft personal assistant setup you have a standard Mycroft personal assistant with either the Hey Mycroft wake word or you tried to set it up with a custom wake word. If that customer wake word is using Pocketsphinx it is …

Mycroft Personal Assistant Setup Part 1


I have been fascinated by voice computing/electronic personal assistance for many years now but I am not a fan of inviting big tech into my home with a black box speaker. Because of this I have always looked for a open source solution. Early on, I was doing …

Moving a website from Wordpress to Pelican

Codeholics has been using Wordpress for its site since its launch back somewhere around 2013. It was great for its time but over the years we have had a number of issues. Plainly put the entire site management and work flow needed to be simplified.

Intro: Pelican

Pelican is a …

Python: working with X.509


This is a note dump of working with x509 in Python. There is not much context to it
just a dump of code snippets.

Needed Packages:

  • pyopenssl
  • cryptography

Generating a RSA Private Key:

import datetime
from cryptography import x509
from cryptography.hazmat.backends import default_backend
from cryptography.hazmat.primitives …

How to Install libcouchbase on OpenSuse to use the Couchbase Python Module

OS: OpenSuse Tumbleweed

Here are the steps to get libcouchbase installed on OpenSuse:

Get dependences:

sudo zypper in libev-devel cmake openssl-devel

Get source:

git clone

Run config and build:

cd libcouchbase
mkdir build

Run tests:



sudo make install

Load …


If you have a backup and you never test that backup you do not have a backup. - Unknown

I do not remember where I read this quote but it always resonated with me. Especially sense disaster recovery was one of my major responsibilities for a globally used web application. Much …

The Poor Mans DynamicDNS

A few years ago I had an issue where I needed a DynamicDNS service or some sort. I didnt want to pay for it and got the thought in my head to just write my own script that suited my need. The things it needed to do was check if …