How to Install libcouchbase on OpenSuse to use the Couchbase Python Module

OS: OpenSuse Tumbleweed

Here are the steps to get libcouchbase installed on OpenSuse:

Get dependences:

sudo zypper in libev-devel cmake openssl-devel

Get source:

git clone

Run config and build:

cd libcouchbase
mkdir build

Run tests:



sudo make install

Load …

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The Poor Mans DynamicDNS

A few years ago I had an issue where I needed a DynamicDNS service or some sort. I didnt want to pay for it and got the thought in my head to just write my own script that suited my need. The things it needed to do was check if …

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Understanding Linux Basic Disk Partition Setup

Recently I was asked the question what are the needed Linux partitions and what are they for? With that I thought it would be a good post because this is something that is very overlooked since distro installs have become so simple most people just go with the defaults, but …

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Get the exit code of a bash command

If you want to see the exit status of a Linux shell command in bash use the variable
This will return the exit status of the last command.

Now this will only give you the right most exit code if you are piping a command.

~> ls | sort

the last command …

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LVM: Move a logical volume into a new volume group.

OS: nix
Require: LVM, the power of root
Skill Level:* Intermediate

Here is how to move a logical volume into a new volume group in LVM using vgsplit

Lets say you want to change the volume group settings for some of your logical volumes or you just want the logical …

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Getting Started with Metasploit in Kali Linux

OS: Kali Linux
Skill Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: Linux CLI, Basic Networking Concepts, PostgresSQL

Metasploit is the closet thing to push button security and penetration testing one can find. It is by far the most popular security testing framework. Metasploit has thousands of modules and is growing daily with a very …

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Make a Bootable Flash Drive from an ISO file in Linux

Make a Bootable Flash Drive from an ISO file in Linux

OS: nix based systems
Skill Level: Beginner
Prerequisites:* Terminal, The Power of Root

There are a few ways of creating a bootable USB drive. This is my preference. Using dd is quick, easy and available on all *nix systems …

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ClamAV (ClamTK) Anti-Virus For Ubuntu

I reviewed and tested every Ubuntu anti-virus I was able to get my hands on, ClamTK is by far the best.

Simple Instructions on what is needed to install a fully updated anti-virus for Ubuntu.

* Viruss are not common in Linux, however, this is not a bad idea if you …

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