Book Review: Influx

Book Series: Influx

Author: Daniel Suarez

Daniel Suarez has always had my interest with the technological thrillers that hes written. When I first was introduced to Daemon, it was an adventure that caused me to read the book in a very short period of time.

In all his books, theres always been a hint of bleeding edge technology driving the story line, with humanity as a topic in tow.  And this book is no exception, however Arthur C. Clarkes third law seems to apply here.

As a person reads this book, the first couple of chapters really sets up a situation where someone would have to take the information as a leap of faith.  The real story doesnt really occur until maybe 30% into the book.  This has deterred some people in the reviews, and I dont fully disagree with them.  But now that Ive read the whole book, I wouldnt really change a word.

The use of magical science dictates the need for an explanation of the science, which means. a dry first 1/3 of the book.  The beginning really sets the book up to be more of a sci-fi novel than a thriller, but the key to this book is the turn and the finish.

Unlike the beginning, the middle and end of the book is the rest of the roller coaster ride.  The book can, in no way, be described as anything other than a thriller.  And a fun one to boot.

So my advice to anyone who starts to read Influx, start and push through.  And youll eventually feel drawn in, like gravity.

Enjoy the ride.

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