Book Series: Zero Day + Trojan Horse


Book Series: Jeff Aiken series

Author: Mark Russinovich

Mark Russinovich has provided an immeasurable difference in the computing world.  As a co-founder of Windows Internals and now Microsoft Azure CTO, its hard to imagine that Mark has more to give. However with these two books, he once again has given another positive to the people of this industry.

It goes without saying that media and entertainment avenues struggle sometimes to compromise technological realism with entertainment, but Mark has provided a series that seems to be tailored specifically for the geek in all of us.

Just like most thrillers both books get you with a hook, but Marks style follows up the flash with a slow burn.  The story simmers and gives the readers time to breathe and take in the technology.  Part of this pace is due to Marks none forgiving attention to detail.  Traditional thriller readers might get turned away, but techies will enjoy the extra information.

The series follows a character named Jeff Aiken, who isnt your normal spy thriller character.  However, just like other information thrillers, such as the Dan Brown series Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, the lead character is intelligent on his feet, and makes nerds look good.

Though, as a forewarning, the content in both books are definitely reliant on the technology at the time.  With Zero Day in 2011 and Trojan Horse published at 2012, the technology mentioned is definitely outdated by todays standards.  So if youre a super techie, youll have to keep that in mind.  However, this shouldnt ruin the books for you, as the books definitely live up to the thriller in techno-thriller.

These books are a great pickup and a great pair of books as part of any techies library.

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Zero Day

Trojan Horse