Book Review: Ready Player One

Book Series: Ready Player One

Author: Ernest Cline

Once having heard this book being described as Willie Wonka meets World of Warcraft, the description seemed very attractive.  And in no way does the description not ring true.  Ernest Cline had a lot of fun writing this novel as he did marketing it.

Beyond the book, he even tied a three month Easter egg hunt to enhance the experience of reading the book. Readers of the first edition hard cover were treated with having to find a riddle in the book, answering it led to a website. At this website theyd have to beat a video game , then repeat all steps tree times. Ultimately at the end , the winning reader won a DeLorean with a built in flux capacitor.

All of this ties to a novel that has the joys of an online video game adventure combined with a fun childish mystery.  At the beginning , readers will be introduced to a world where the eighties are everything and the people with the most knowledge will have the greatest advantage.

And although the protagonist seems to be a character that might not seem worthy of the readers cheers at first, as the story picks up, theyll suddenly find themselves rooting for him out loud.

This isnt meant to be the most believable book. Its requirement of disbelief extends as far as any Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings or Percy Jackson.  But beyond that disbelief, there are some references to the eighties that might be too obscure for some younger readers.  Those readers should be prepared to read along side the Internet, just in case the occasional Google search is required.

To know if this book is for you, ask yourself the following.  Are you a person who likes rooting for people?  Have you watched shows like The Amazing Race, and liked it?  Do you like geeky nerdy 80s pop culture references?  Do you like video games? Do you root for the underdog?

If youve said yes to any of those questions, this book is for you.


Ready Player One!