Microsoft Visual Studio and SQL Management Studio error Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation

I recently ran into an error one day trying to open my SQL Management Studio application. I have been using this application for years now but one day it just would not launch and just displayed an error message Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

I …

More Docker: Dockerfile to build a MongoDB Image

Last post (Getting Started With Docker) I ended off with saying I would come back and show how to set up a mongodb docker image. If you go to on the first page you can find the official mongodb docker image. This is not that …

VMware not enough physical memory windows 8.1

I have been using VMware for a long time now and this is the first I have ever seen an error with physical memory when trying to run my VMs. My VMs were running fine until my Windows 8.1 rebooted after automatic updates. After the reboot my VM wouldnt …

ClamAV (ClamTK) Anti-Virus For Ubuntu

I reviewed and tested every Ubuntu anti-virus I was able to get my hands on, ClamTK is by far the best.

Simple Instructions on what is needed to install a fully updated anti-virus for Ubuntu.

* Viruss are not common in Linux, however, this is not a bad idea if you …

Linux Backup Restore with tar (part 1 of 2)

OS: Linux
Skill Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: Linux CLI and Bash Scripting
Language: Bash Shell Scripting

There are a lot of great open source and commercial backup solutions and what you will find if you look under the hood of these software packages is that most of them are just …

File count from the command line on a Linux system

OS: Linux
Skill Level: Beginner
Prerequisites: Basic Linux CLI and regular expression understanding


When a folder only has a few items in it this trick is not that important, but let say the folder you are looking at has 754,586 files in it? Here is a quick trick …

Managing BTRFS Snapshots

Skill: Advanced
OS: Linux (OpenSUSE 13.1)
Prerequisites: A drive with btrfs

When I first installed OpenSUSE 13.1 it gave me the option of using btrfs for my file system. It warned me it was experimental but after reading up about the benefits I decided to live on …

SSH Login Banner

Want a custom banner or warning message when a user connects via SSH on your server?

Skill level: Beginner
OS: Linux
Prerequisites: Understand how to edit a file with vim or other text editor in Linux.
Dependencies: Config files:
/etc/ssh/sshd_config /etc/

  1. Open /etc/ssh/sshd …