How To Reveal The Password Hidden Behind Asterisks

How To Reveal The Password Hidden Behind Asterisks: Google Chrome, Firefox and other browsers hide passwords behind asterisks but I will show you How to See your Passwords Hidden Under Asterisks field from password to text and hence the password is revealed as the text input.

Book Review: Ready Player One

Book Series: Ready Player One

Author: Ernest Cline

Once having heard this book being described as Willie Wonka meets World of Warcraft, the description seemed very attractive.  And in no way does the description not ring true.  Ernest Cline had a lot of fun writing this novel as he did …

Book Series: Zero Day + Trojan Horse


Book Series: Jeff Aiken series

Author: Mark Russinovich

Mark Russinovich has provided an immeasurable difference in the computing world.  As a co-founder of Windows Internals and now Microsoft Azure CTO, its hard to imagine that Mark has more to give. However with these two books, he once again has given …

Book Review: Influx

Book Series: Influx

Author: Daniel Suarez

Daniel Suarez has always had my interest with the technological thrillers that hes written. When I first was introduced to Daemon, it was an adventure that caused me to read the book in a very short period of time.

In all his books, theres …

LVM: Move a logical volume into a new volume group.

OS: nix
Require: LVM, the power of root
Skill Level:* Intermediate

Here is how to move a logical volume into a new volume group in LVM using vgsplit

Lets say you want to change the volume group settings for some of your logical volumes or you just want the logical …

Getting Started with Metasploit in Kali Linux

OS: Kali Linux
Skill Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: Linux CLI, Basic Networking Concepts, PostgresSQL

Metasploit is the closet thing to push button security and penetration testing one can find. It is by far the most popular security testing framework. Metasploit has thousands of modules and is growing daily with a very …

C4android Programming on your Android devices in C/C++

I love mobile computing, and I love coding. It is only natural that I would want to do some coding on the go. C4android lets you do just that if you enjoy coding in C/C++ and want to do it easily on your Android device. C4android is a nice …

Make a Bootable Flash Drive from an ISO file in Linux

Make a Bootable Flash Drive from an ISO file in Linux

OS: nix based systems
Skill Level: Beginner
Prerequisites:* Terminal, The Power of Root

There are a few ways of creating a bootable USB drive. This is my preference. Using dd is quick, easy and available on all *nix systems …

Google Chrome Development Tools for Web Apps

Google Chrome Development Tools for Web Apps

I have been doing some web app coding recently and thought I would share some of the helpful development tools that are available in Google Chrome. Especially when coding for multiple devices. I will skip over the basic things that have been in …